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An exclusive solution for NGOs in India, redefines organizational management. With robust features like Donor and Fund Management, Finance, and Project Tracking, Disha ensures seamless operations. Tailored for efficiency, transparency, and strategic growth, Disha is the go-to solution for NGOs dedicated to maximizing their impact.

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Disha, a cutting-edge Management Information System (MIS), stands as a dedicated powerhouse for NGOs. Tailored to meet the unique needs of non-profits, Disha boasts robust features, including Donor Management, Fund Management, Finance Management, and comprehensive Project and Program Management tools. This all-in-one platform empowers NGOs to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and amplify impact. With Disha, NGOs gain the strategic advantage of centralized data management, facilitating seamless collaboration and informed decision-making. Navigate the complexities of NGO management with confidence, as Disha paves the way for unparalleled organizational success. Empower your mission.

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Donor Management

Keep your Funders database with the following details
Funder Category (Domestic/FCRA)
Type of Funder (Individual, Foundations, CSR, etc.)

Funds Management

Keep track of type of funds like FCRA Donation, CSR Contribution, Restricted funds, Unrestricted Funds, etc

80G/Donation Receipt

Generate 80G/Donation receipts

Form 10BD

Maintain your Form 10BD automatically

E-Mail 80G/Donation Receipt

Send 80G/Donation receipts to your respective donors.


Make a budget for every project

Expense Tracking

Track organizational expenses

Project Wise Budget Utilization

Keep an eye on Utilization of every project budget

Many more to come.